Who We Are

Mystery Catholic was founded by two friends who want to live their faith out loud and help all Catholics do the same. We don't have the resources to start with a huge inventory but with God's direction and your support, we hope this store can grow into a place that you can count on for all things Catholic. We can also place large orders for Church parishes if needed. Feel free to use our contact form if you have some suggestions for us or have a particular item you would like to see in our store. We hope to be an encouragement to you in your Kingdom Living, a.k.a. living your faith. Thanks for checking us out and please come back often.

Why the name?

The Catholic Dictionary at CatholicCulture.org defines mystery as a divinely revealed truth whose very possibility cannot be rationally conceived before it is revealed and, after revelation, whose inner essence cannot be fully understood by the finite mind. The incomprehensibility of revealed mysteries derives from the fact that they are manifestations of God, who is infinite and therefore beyond the complete grasp of a created intellect. Nevertheless, though incomprehensible, mysteries are intelligible. One of the primary duties of a believer is, through prayer, study, and experience, to grow in faith, i.e., to develop an understanding of what God has revealed.

This is what we are about at Mystery Catholic. We want to dive deeper into our faith along with you and have God's mysteries be manifested in every facet of our lives.